Skhidnytsia is one of the best balneological (medical) resorts in the Lviv region, located in the Carpathian valley 100 km from Lviv and 20 km from Truskavets. The beautiful nature, clean air and healing power of mineral waters, which have no analogues in Europe, have made this resort a place of pilgrimage for many holidaymakers and those who come here to recover their health and restore their strength. Skhidnytsia is named after the Ukrainian Balneological Resort. O.Stotsky. It is a small town with a population of about 2500 people, which has numerous health resorts, boarding houses, private hotels and health centers offering clients treatment and relaxation for every taste.

When nature cares for us…

Rest in Skhidnytsia

The unique location of the resort, beautiful landscapes, mild climate, clean air, saturated with essential resins of spruce, pine and mountain grass, create excellent conditions for an excellent holiday in Skhidnytsia at any time of the year. For this she is not in vain called “Ukrainian Switzerland”. The resort has a well-developed tourist infrastructure and services. As you go on a holiday in Skhidnytsia, you can be sure that not only will you improve your health, you will restore your mental and physical strength, but you will also have a sea of ​​pleasant experiences. There are many beautiful and interesting places for walks, various excursions and other fun activities are organized. There are plenty of restaurants, cafes with a wide variety of cuisine in the village, offering delicious meals, nice music, theme nights and more.
Not far from Skhidnytsia are the ski centers Boryslav (only 10 km), Slavske (60 km), Tysovets (65 km), where you can enjoy a winter holiday while skiing or snowboarding.

Historical background

For the first time, references to Skhidnytsia are found in documents of the 14th century, according to which this settlement arose in the XI-XII centuries on the site of the destroyed settlement of the Golden Bath of the times of Kiev Rus, not far from the ancient fortress Tustan. According to legend, the survivors of the invaders’ attacks began to return to the valley, to erect houses, which was called Skhidnytsia by the settlement – from the word “converging”.
The popularity of Skhidnytsia was brought about by the discovery of oil in 1858, an industrial production that began here in 1872. In the 1890s, Skhidnytsia was one of the largest oil production sites in Galicia. Here, for the first time in the world, an oil well was drilled mechanically.
But the true popularity of Skhidnytsia has been brought over the course of a century by open mineral springs, healing properties that are used to treat many diseases and disorders of the functioning of the internal organs of man.
Due to this wealth, in 1976 Skhidnytsia was awarded the title of balneological (medical) resort. O. Stotsky – the first discoverer of healing mineral waters of this region, and in 2005 was renamed into the All-Ukrainian resort named after. O. Stotskiy.

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