In order to make your holiday a medical complex of hotel type “Dianna” was more enjoyable and safe, we ask you to follow these rules.

– Guests must care for the property Property, equipment used for its intended purpose, to comply with fire safety requirements. In case of damage to property, technical failures, emergency events (flood, fire, glass breakage, etc.) should immediately inform an administrator.
– Check in at the hotel starts with 14 hours local time.
– Removal of the hotel is carried out as a general rule – 12 am local time.
– All rooms and other hotel rooms that are not intended for smoking, non-smoking.
– From 23 pm to 8 am inside the hotel and in the need to be quiet. Accommodations at this time are prohibited include a large volume of audio systems and televisions.
– Stay in the rooms visitors who do not reside in the medical complex “DiAnna” is strictly prohibited. Otherwise, complex administration reserves the right to draw funds to pay for additional visitor place.
– If a guest wants to avoid being disturbed, it can hang on the outside door handle plate with the inscription “Do not disturb!”, Included in the equipment room. The inscription “Please clean!” Visitors can hang if it considers that the number should be removed.
– Stay any animal without the consent of the hotel is prohibited.
– Guests must comply with cleanliness and fire safety.
– Storing and storage in a hotel room fire, cold, air guns, explosives, and items that are dangerous to life and health and the preservation of their property are prohibited.
– Do not leave guests in a hotel room of strangers to the period of his absence, and send them the room key.
– Based on the numbers all appliances (except the refrigerator) and light should turn off.
– Rooms tees and may not use extension cords, powerful appliances, including heating, except when these devices are standard equipment in the room.
– Electricity consumption for Property limited. Silly its use can lead to blackouts.
– Site, internal stairs and corridors controlled cameras. Video surveillance is carried out for security of guests, their property, assets Property.
– The hotel offers basic services included in the price, and more, are available for a fee according to the price.
– The main services include: providing room for living, housekeeping, emergencies, first aid, Wake-up at a certain time.
– Routine cleaning (cleaning dust removal of garbage, washing glasses and cups, cleaning toilets, cleaning bed) held every day.
– Change of towels and bed linen is made at least once in three days. At the request of visitors can be made extraordinary towels.
– The list of additional services is determined by the Hotel under the additional list.
– The medical center, restaurants, bars, billiards, a children’s room work according to the schedule, rules and the current price list.
– Self-catering room using additional equipment is prohibited.
– The hotel has the following discounts for payment of residence:
discounts for corporate and regular customers, which is determined separately by the hotel.
– Guests Accommodation stop with the completion of the contract between the guest and the hotel to provide services.
– In Property damage causing the fault or negligence of visitors and (or) their visitors guest is obliged to compensate such losses Property, including costs associated with downtime rate during repair, replacement furniture and other cases (eg, zalytti water).

In case of violation of the rules of residence, set in the DiAnna, the administration has the right to refuse further guest accommodation.

We wish you a pleasant stay!


Taking care of your health!