New Year in DiAnna

We invite you to meet the New Year 2019 in surrounded by the Carpathian forests, priceless waters and in the atmosphere of refinement and taste of the medical and health complex “DiAnna”!
The “Belyi Lev” and “DiAnna” restaurants will meet the warm enthusiasm of the host holiday, the participant of the “Factory of Leaders”, Alexei Lomovsky, driving one of the best cover of the groups of Precarpathian “TOP-Seyshen”, the hottest dances of the best show-ballet of Western Ukraine, the winners of national and international competitions “Atlantic” and a unique taste from our chef Sergey Lutchin!
In the menu: cold appetizers (meat sausages, fish salmon, acorns), smoked trout on wood, cheese plateau (parmesan, camembert, goat smoked), home pickles, vegetable assorted, red caviar volcanoes, profiterliver with liver Pasta, herring in a potato basket, white pickled mushrooms, flavored tongue, traditional Olivet salads with shrimp and salmon, chicken cesar, carpaccio, wild mushroom jelly and chicken meat, grilled veal on a vegetable sauce, fillet of sturgeon grill, Leg of a lamb baked with vegetables, desserts of a mistress of a cat, Artaud, chocolate cake, fruit under the glasses of champagne and vodka Lviv.

In the hall of “DiAnna”, in addition to the menu above, you will entertain the leading Galina Komarova and the cover band “Drive”.

Details and reservations by phone 067 567 68 22

We will be glad to share with you the joy of the New Year !!!

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