Massage is one of the techniques that allows us to keep our body in good condition. Massage easily restores energy balance, returns vitality, increases vitality.

Healing Massage

Therapeutic massage is one of the most well-known and effective methods of healing since ancient times. It has a mild effect on the human body, normalizes the work of most organs and systems. It accelerates the regenerative processes in the tissues, improves metabolism, cells are cleared of toxins, increases the tone of the muscular system and the overall performance of the body.

Stone Massage

Stone massage – the oldest art of delicate handmade, combined with the healing properties of natural minerals. Stone therapy sessions have a relaxing effect, regulate the functioning of the autonomic nervous system, reduce muscle pain, strengthen the respiratory and immune systems of the body, help to overcome mental and physical overload, stress, depression, chronic fatigue, promote overall health and recovery.

Honey Massage

Honey massage – a wonderful combination of therapeutic action of bee honey and massage. An excellent means of maintaining excellent shape in the face of possible overload and stress, effectively relieves fatigue and fills with ease, freshness. The skin becomes silky, elastic, improves the overall condition of the body. Unique properties of honey in combination with massage help to cleanse the skin, eliminate cellulite, remove toxins.

Anti-cellulite Massage

An anti-cellulite, narrowly specific massage aimed directly at combating “orange peel” and overweight. The result is the normalization of metabolic processes in the body, increased blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, improved skin, creating a beautiful silhouette, weight loss, stimulation of the synthesis of elastin and collagen.

Tandem Massage

Tandem four-hand massage has a dual wellness effect. More energy-intensive than traditional. Working together with two pairs of hands allows you to work out in detail all groups of muscles, which is sure to relax and bring a sense of calm.

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