The program has a purpose:
For a wide range of patients of different ages with symptoms: physical and emotional exhaustion; premature aging; chronic fatigue syndrome, overweight patients.

Spa Treatment
Procedures included in the cost of the program (as prescribed by a doctor):

Procedure 7 days 14 days
Consultation of a dietician with a body composition monitor 1 procedure 1 procedure
Consultation of the cardiologist is comprehensive 1 procedure 1 procedure
Consultation by a gastroenterologist 1 procedure 1 procedure
Laboratory diagnosis (complete blood count, blood biochemistry) 1 procedure 1 procedure
Abdominal Ultrasound 1 procedure 1 procedure
Oxygen cocktails 7 procedures 13 procedures
Cocktail “Health, longevity, beauty” 5 procedures 7 procedures
Salon “Dead Sea” 2 procedures 2 procedures
Ozone Therapy 5 treatments 8 treatments
Speleotherapy 5 treatments 8 treatments
Underwater shower-massage + pearl bath + feather 3 treatments 6 treatments
Presotherapy 12-channel with anti-cellulite wrap 2 treatments 5 treatments
Phyto bottle + total massage 2 treatments 3 treatments
Manual massage is common - 6 procedures
Method “Golden needle” for normalization of weight - 1 treatment
Aerobics 3 treatments 6 treatments
Pool Lesson Unlimited Unlimited
Gym Training Unlimited Unlimited
Program Cost 9028 UAH 17118 UAH

The main therapeutic effects that are expected:
Restoration of the general forces of the body, cleansing the body of toxins, the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract, the elimination of chronic inflammatory bowel disease, the formation of proper eating habits, healthy weight loss, improved quality of life.