Spring #1
This is hydro-carbonate, sodium and calcic water. The water from this spring is recommended by research assistants of Odessa Research and Development Institute of Balneotherapeutics and Physiotherapyand Lvov Medical Institute for treating urolithiasis, chronic pyelonephritis,nontuberculous pyelocystitisas well asurinary system deceases.The water from spring 1 contributes to the elution of small stones, kidney gravel and inflammatory process products. The spring is situated on the opposite side of the therapeutic and sanitary complex in a forest zone.

Spring #3
This is low-mineralized, weak-acid, hydro-carbonate and calcic water. The spring water has urinative and anti-inflammatory properties and given the diminished function of organs it makes for kidneys normalization as well as contributes to improving blood circulation. The water from spring #3 is enriched with copper, zinc, iodine, bromine, fluorine, cobalt, andmanganese. The spring is situated at the entrance to Skhodnitsa in a forest zone.

Spring #8, 9, 10 (connected with central pump room)
These are hydro-carbonate and calcic waters. They are recommended for treating liver and biliary tracts diseases, such as cholelithiasis, chronic cholecystitis, chronic hepatitisas well as urethra and kidney deviations, such asurolithiasis and chronic pyelonephritis. The waters of springs #8,9,10are credited with improving the urinary function of kidneys diuresis (urinary excretion) as well as bettering the filtering function of kidneys. The springs are located on the opposite side of the “DiAnna” therapeutic and sanitary complex in a forest zone.

Spring #13
The waters of this spring are rich in augmented content of iron, carbon dioxide and manganese crystals. This is hydro-carbonate and calcic water. Drinking water from the spring modifies the secretory function of gastric glands with different intensity as well as increasing the formation of pepsin. Ferrous iron ions,functioning as typical blood regenerators and accelerate erythropoiesis, being a distinctive building substance for haemoglobin. Being useful in removing radionuclide from an organism, this water spring is situated beside the “DiAnna” therapeutic and sanitary complex.

Spring #15
The physical and chemical properties of the water from spring 15 are similar to those from spring 13. This water has no parallels in Ukraine. This water is of a great use in treating stomach hypoxemia accompanied by anaemia, hemorrhage, late chlorosis. The water from spring #15 is excellent at evacuating radionuclides from human organism.

Spring #2-с
This is hydro-carbonate, sodium medium-mineralized water (by kind of “Borjomi” and “Polyana Kvasova”). This water has physiological influence on acid-base balance, favours the relaxation of the acid-forming function of gastric glands. Drinking the spring water has a positive impact on organism, helping to treatpeptic ulcer, hyperacid and normal acidity gastritis, chronic pancreatitis, colitis, stomach, intestines and duodenum deceases.

Spring # №25 и 26.
These are low-mineralized,hydro-carbonate, sulfate, calcic,and magnesium waters. These springs’ waters contain specific groups of microorganisms for water by kind of “Naftusia”. They are highly recommended in treating kidney and Botkin’s diseases.