We invite you to join the team of balloonists and take part in an unforgettable aerial tour over Skhidnytsia and the Carpathian Mountains .
Hot Air Balloon – a fascinating walk at the height of the bird’s flight , filled with incomparable feeling and a lot of positive emotions, romance fifth ocean .
Skhidnytsia – the only place in Ukraine where you can fly in a balloon in the mountains!

Air Walk .
The whole trip takes about 3-4 hours :
– Meet the team ;
– Check out the balloon to the starting point ;
– Statement of the balloon (you can participate )
– Flight ( flight lasts approximately 1:00 ) ;
– Landing ;
– Dedication to the balloonists with champagne ;
– Journey to the venue.

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An important condition for the flight is good weather – the wind is not more than 5 m / s . and the lack of rainfall . The flights are carried out in the morning ( 2- 3hours after sunrise ) and evening ( 2- 3hours before sunset) . Clothing should be comfortable and warm for the weather !
The balloon can rise to a height of 5,000 meters without additional equipment. But most flights carried out at an altitude of 1000 meters.
During the flight, you can use the photo and video equipment.
Before the start of and during the flight before landing the pilot gives you a briefing . After landing, you will find two hundred year tradition – the dedication to the balloonists , where you will be awarded a title of nobility and give the land on which you are flying .

The cost of the coast :
2 people + driver – 7000uah
3 persons + pilot – 8500uah
4 people + driver – 10000uah ( average weight of one pass. Ye more than 70 kg. )

Inquiries by phone:
+38 068 555 64 55