The equipment of the medical center “DiAnna-Med” covers all hardware physiotherapy. These are both electrotherapy to increase blood circulation and laser, magnetic and ultrasound therapy.

Physiotherapy is an important link for physical rehabilitation of a person. It is based on the physiological effects of artificial factors on the body. Physiotherapy has repeatedly proved its therapeutic and health effects on the human body. At DiAnna-Med Medical Center, the organism’s healing and prevention is performed with the help of state-of-the-art equipment from leading manufacturers.

The most effective physiotherapy procedures:

High-Tone Therapy
High-tone therapy is an innovative field of electrotherapy, the essence of which lies not only in the simple electrical stimulation of the muscles, but also in the influence on biochemical and biophysical processes in cells. This reduces inflammation, swelling, accelerates the repair of damaged tissues, normalizes regulatory processes, pain disappears
Shock wave therapy
Shock wave therapy – a method of short-term exposure to an acoustic wave that penetrates the soft tissues and destroys pathological deposits with unstable structure, stimulates the germination of microvessels in the problem area, effectively treats heel spurs, intervertebral hernias, arthritis, androthrozites myofascial syndromes
Pressotherapy – a session of hardware lymphatic drainage massage, the essence of which is the alternation of mechanical effects of high and low pressure on the lymphatic vessels, which normalizes the circulation of lymph and intercellular fluid, improves venous outflow, activates metabolic processes in the tissues of the skin, , effectively fights cellulite and obesity. In addition, the procedure is recommended for patients suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome and leading an inactive lifestyle.
Electrophoresis is the introduction into the patient’s body of drugs in the form of ions by means of a low-voltage direct current. The peculiarity of this method is the influence of two factors: galvanic current and drugs. Thus, combining these two elements, the positive result of treatment is achieved much faster than with the usual administration of drugs.
Magnetotherapy is an effect on the body of a permanent and variable magnetic field for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. This therapy is considered to be the mildest and most delicate procedure, easily tolerated and does not cause pain. The result of the course of magnetotherapy – improving the overall health, reducing or complete disappearance of pain, normalization of blood pressure. Magnetotherapy relieves irritability, improves sleep, improves tissue nutrition.
Laser therapy
Laser therapy is a procedure that uses the light energy of laser radiation. Designed to activate enzymatic processes, accelerate biochemical reactions. As a result – active cell renewal, improvement of self-regulation, mobilization of the body’s defense mechanisms, blood microcirculation, tissue nutrition.
Hydro laser irrigation is clear
Hydro laser irrigation of gums consists of hydromassage and laser therapy of gums. The therapeutic effect occurs with laser radiation of the red range, with mechanical leaching with water of lipopolysaccharide film. As a result, the inflammatory process is reduced and the blood supply to the gums is improved.
Ozokeritotherapy – a method of heat treatment with unique mountain wax – ozokerite, which is widely used in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, ENT-organs, as well as in neurology, gastroenterology, urology, gynecology, provides analgesic, resorptive, anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory
Ozone therapy
Ozone therapy – a modern effective method of prevention and treatment with medical ozone, which due to its powerful oxidizing properties activates metabolic processes, increases immunity, improves blood circulation, reduces cholesterol, promotes the elimination of toxins
Speleotherapy – treatment and recovery of salt cave microclimate, which is one of the most effective methods of non-drug treatment of chronic respiratory diseases, prevention of allergic diseases, some skin diseases, improvement of body resistance.
Hydrocolonotherapy is an effective method of cleansing the intestines, eliminating toxins, correcting mineral balance, restoring normal microflora
Carboxytherapy is a subcutaneous injection of CO2 and, as a consequence, vasodilation and local blood circulation, increased delivery of oxygen and nutrients, and improved cell renewal. Widely used in traumatology and dermatology.
Dead Sea mud
Dead Sea mud – successfully used for the treatment of skin diseases (in particular, psoriasis), musculoskeletal, neurological and vascular pathology, as well as for detoxification of the body.
Amplipulstherapy is a procedure for electrostimulation of problematic areas of the patient’s body. This uses sinusoidal modulated currents (CINMT). Amplipulstherapy has analgesic effect, is used for neuritis, neuralgia, trauma of peripheral nerves and musculoskeletal system, circulatory disorders, muscle atrophy, when small stones are removed from the ureter in case of urolithiasis..
nhalation in honey. the center is carried out with the help of special devices-inhalers. With this method, the period of absorption is reduced, the direct entry of medicinal substances into the respiratory tract is ensured, which helps to reduce the activity of inflammatory processes of the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, activates the processes of renewal, breathing becomes free, improves the expectoration of cough, eliminates cough. Often used in acute and chronic diseases of the respiratory system and nasopharynx.
PRP-therapy is an innovative technology for the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. It involves the introduction of autoplasma to reduce inflammatory processes, repair the affected tissues, improve circulation in the problem area, reduce pain, activate regeneration, and relieve muscle spasm.
Procedures for the treatment and prevention of male sexual disorders
Procedures for the treatment and prevention of male sexual disorders and prostate disorders, namely:
• Vacuum therapy – used to enhance the blood supply to the male genital organs and improve potency and increase testosterone levels in the blood.
• Transrectal stimulation of the prostate – improves the innervation, microcirculation of the prostate, drainage of the organ, resulting in improved male strength and function of the prostate.
• Heat-magnetic prostate treatment is used to treat inflammation of the male genital organs and improve potency.

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