«When nature itself lifts the gifts of its bowels for your health and well-being».

On the slopes of the Carpathian Mountains, in the valley of the river Skhidnychanka, is one of the best balneological resorts in Europe – the resort of Skhidnytsia. Skhidnytsia is famous for its springs of organic mineral waters such as Naftusia, which have extraordinary healing properties.

The village is surrounded on all sides by mountains and forests, so a special microclimate has formed here: winter is mild, with frequent thaws, and summer is warm. Skhidnytsia – a measured and cozy place, peace, pleasure for the soul.

Taking care of the comfort of guests in the health-improving complex “DiAnna 4*” equipped with mineral water pump room. Regardless of the natural conditions in Skhidnytsia and without going outside the complex, guests of DiAnna 4* have the opportunity to regularly use the medicinal Skhidnytsia water in the pump room.

Mineral waters are transported to the pump room with the preservation of the chemical composition and medicinal properties. In consultation with the specialists of our medical center, you can choose water with different mineralization and chemical composition from such sources:

Spring #1

This is sodium carbonate hydrocarbonate water. It comprises organic substances of alcoholic resins with impurities of humic substances, fulvic acids and carboxylic acids. Water also includes specific groups of microorganisms that enhance the healing effect. Recommended by researchers at the Odessa Research Institute of Balneology and Physiotherapy and Lviv Medical Institute for diseases such as urolithiasis, chronic pyelonephritis, chronic pyelocysts of non-tuberculous origin, as well as for ailments of the biliary system. Source # 1 water promotes the leaching of small stones, kidney sand and products of inflammatory processes.

Spring #2С

This is sodium-carbonate, medium mineralization of water (Borjomi, Polyana Kvasova type). By physiological influence, water “2-s” affects the acid-alkaline balance, helps to reduce the acid-forming function of the gastric glands. The use of water is effective in peptic ulcer, gastritis with high and normal acidity, chronic pancreatitis, colitis, diseases of the stomach, intestines and duodenum.

Spring #8, 9, 10

This is hydrogen carbonate-calcium water. The composition is slightly alkaline, poorly mineralized, hydrocarbonate-calcium water. They have a high content of silicic acid, divalent iron, manganese and traces of silver. They are advised in diseases of the liver and biliary tract, such as gallstone disease, chronic cholecystitis, chronic hepatitis, as well as pathology of the urethra, kidneys (urolithiasis, chronic pyelonephritis). Waters “sources 8,9, 10” enhance the urinary function of the kidneys, increase urine output (urine output), as well as enhance the filtration function of the kidneys, reduce cholesterol.

Spring #18

Water containing hydrogen carbonate, sodium and sulfate, slightly mineralized, has a pronounced odor of hydrogen sulfide. It stimulates the bile-forming function of the liver, increases the production of bile, stimulates the synthesis of choline in the liver, decreases the concentration of cholesterol in the bile, stimulates the regeneration of liver tissues, enhances the renal function and reduces inflammatory processes in the kidneys.

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