Delicious dishes from our chefs

Restaurant “Belyi Lev”

In harmony with ourselves … Let’s stop time to give minutes of peace, peace, warmth. In the restaurant “Belyi Lew” you will not notice how under the accompaniment of a professional pianist minutes fly by…

Schedule restaurant “Belyi Lev”

BREAKFAST – 8:00 – 10:30
LUNCH – 13:00 – 15:00
DINNER – 18:00 – 20:00

The sophisticated atmosphere, bespoke steamed menu, first-class wines and impeccable service will give you a special feeling of comfort and casual romance.
The restaurant is designed for 90 people, so it is ideal for quenching not only physical but also spiritual hunger, holding holidays and parties. This establishment is distinguished by its elegant interior and cozy atmosphere. Dress code is valid.
A white grand piano at the restaurant and lounge music will be the perfect complement to a romantic evening or a welcome meeting of old friends. In addition, our hospitality creates the right atmosphere for dinner with family or friends.
Classic dishes of European and Ukrainian cuisines, diet dishes, fresh salads and fruits, incredibly delicious morning desserts, hot dishes, dairy products, as well as an original rendition of famous traditional chef Sergiy Lutchin, served with love by guests.
Our restaurants will offer you delicious snacks that meet the most demanding tastes, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages of local and imported production.

Delicious dishes from our chefs


Truskavets meat roll, cheese, butter, fresh vegetables

River trout fillet

River trout fillet on a spinach pillow

Chicken roll with peanuts

Chicken roll with peanut, cheese, butter

Turkey cutlets

Turkey cutlets baked with cheese ch. and tomato

Squid fillet

Squid fillet in tomato sauce

Rabbit stewed

Rabbit stewed with cream sauce


Lamb hashlam

Brine in Skhidnytsky

Brine in Skhidnytsky

Borsch Lviv

Borsch Lviv with sausages