At the DiAnna-Med Medical Center, balneotherapy is represented by baths, local and general showers. This method of healing uses the healing properties of water, which has long been used by mankind to maintain the body in great shape, and now under conditions of overload and stress. In a person, after water treatments, increases activity, cheerfulness, physical lightness, painful passages, weight loss.

Balneological procedures, such as hot tubs, mineral baths are best suited for the treatment of joints, nervous system, musculoskeletal system, as well as to strengthen the body as a whole, accelerate metabolism, enhance blood circulation, increase immunity.

Health through water

Sharko Shower
Sharko Shower is a procedure for treatment and prevention of diseases of the nervous system, improvement of blood circulation and lymph circulation, correction of the figure. The effect is carried out by two jets of water: cold 20°C and hot up to 40°C, applied from a distance of 3 to 5 m, chronic fatigue syndrome.
Underwater shower massage
Underwater shower massage – is carried out by a jet of water aimed at a patient immersed in a bath. This procedure activates the metabolism, promotes weight loss, improves blood circulation, accelerates the processes of recovery in the body. Also the work of the lymphatic and venous systems is activated, the pain syndrome is reduced, the feeling of heaviness in the legs disappears, the muscles are strengthened, the physical and mental tension disappears. We individually select a set of techniques, their combination and sequence to achieve the best therapeutic effect, taking into account all the features.
Pearl bath
Pearl bath – a healing treatment where a two-phase water-air environment stimulates capillaries, oxygenates the skin, has healing, anti-stress, cosmetic and prophylactic effects. If you experience symptoms of nervous system disorder, metabolic disorders in the body, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, and if you lead a sedentary lifestyle and regularly experience stressful situations – we recommend you to pay attention to this procedure.
Rising shower
A rising shower is a shower used to treat pelvic organs. Prescribe for the treatment of hemorrhoids, constipation, inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs, night urinary incontinence, functional impotence, prostatitis. The shower strengthens the sphincter muscles, perineum, improves blood circulation, increases intestinal overstatement in chronic colitis and functional bowel disorders.
Circular shower
A circular shower is a system of showers that are placed circularly around the patient and also above the head. The patient is exposed to thin streams of water on almost all sides throughout the height of the body. Massage has a beneficial effect on the muscular system, the apparatus of the peripheral circulation, normalizes the processes in the central nervous system. Prescribe for hypertension, functional disorders of the central nervous system, neuroses, mental fatigue.
Dry carbon dioxide bath
Dry carbon dioxide bath based on carbon dioxide, which is part of the vapor mixture, affects the human body through the skin. Powerful biological stimulus carbon dioxide – significantly influences the processes of regulation of life of the human body, in particular, the functions of blood circulation and respiration. Unlike wet carbon dioxide baths, the therapeutic effect of dry carbon dioxide on the patient is carried out directly without the temperature and mechanical action of water, ie with less load on the body..

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