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Special offer therapeutic and recreational complex DiAnna 4*

Early booking

Plan your vacation in advance and get favorable conditions for accommodation in DiAnna complex. Reservations for at least 30 days prior to check-in and prepayment, at least 25% for the entire period of stay, discount of 5%. The discount applies to all categories of rooms and rates “Breakfast”, “Full Board” and “Medical”. The offer is valid for the entire calendar year except for the high season. Early booking is possible by direct booking of the DiAnna complex or on the site of the complex.

On the birthday

If you have recently celebrated your birthday, birthday, we will surely please you and your family and friends and give us a 15% discount on your accommodation. This discount can be used directly on the holiday date and up to 10 days before the birthday and 20 days after the birthday.

SPA weekend

It is possible to recover fully when you forget about all the problems. Stay for a weekend at the DiAnna Health and Wellness Center on Friday and Sunday to receive this special offer and receive up to 15% bonus on comfortable rooms, breakfasts and lunches, SPA from 8:00 to 22:00, dance nights at the Jumbo Grill Restaurant. Don’t wait a minute and book your best rooms already! It’s time to take care of your health…

Loyalty program

Medical and health complex “DiAnna” proposes to use the Loyalty Program for regular guests.
The loyalty program enables our guests to accumulate bonuses and exchange them for nice gifts, as well as to enjoy exclusive privileges. Loyalty card holders are entitled to a discount of up to 20%, depending on the amount of money spent while staying in the health resort, also benefits when booking a room, flexible settlement time, guaranteed parking space and a number of other benefits according to promotions and activities in the complex.