Perhaps no man in the world who would not fly in a dream. Anyone familiar with the feeling of flying knows how to … off the ground, feel the speed , altitude, freedom …

All these exciting emotions and a lot of positive impressions you feel flying in aeroshute !

Aeroshutom called Kleinlokomotive with a parachute, which resembles a parachute -type “wing .” Aeroshut belongs to a class of ultralight aircraft : the same class as that and paragliders from the motorcycle .

To lift the wing only need to choose the right direction start – increase engine thrust , acceleration , and the wing is filled with air . A short acceleration – and you’re flying !

Aeroshut considered safest form of aircraft. Sam aeroshut collected from special materials in aviation technology that provides high durability and safety of the machine. Low speed landing (about 30 km / h ) allows you to safely land including on limited grounds, or on the unprepared soil .

Carrying capacity of the device is 250 kg, the speed range of 30 to 60 km / h. , Flight altitude – from 1-2 meters to 5,000 meters above the clouds

Flight duration 15 min. costs 4200 Uah, and duration of 1 hour. – 7000 UAH .