Gift season

“Gift season” of medical and health complex “Dianna”
From April 26 to May 24 within the “Gift season” in the medical complex will take various measures which will no doubt be pleasant for our guests. Of course, our guests will receive gifts that have card “permanent guests” – in the period from 11.05 to 26.05 Your card “permanent guest” gets the bonus discount – 10%.
All guests LOK “Dianna” will get a bonus 10% discount on services:
26.04 – Tour “Lviv History”
27.04 – 01.05 – bike rental
02.05 – excursion to Pochayev
12.05 – 15.05 – rent barbecue
10.05 – Tour “Narcissus Valley” Mukachevo
Mondays and Fridays – duodenal intubation, pnevmopunktura, pelvic massage therapy Press, elektroultrazvukova therapy, amplipulse + vacuum + diadynamometriya vacuum of Ukrainian hydro spekuloyu, thyroid ultrasonography with sonoelastohrafiyeyu, breast ultrasound with sonoelastohrafiyeyu
Tuesdays, Saturdays – dry hydrotherapy bath, rising douche, aroma bath, underwater massage + massage + perozon
Wednesdays and Fridays – mud “Dead Sea”, paraffin hand
Every Saturday – consult an ophthalmologist
From April 27 to May 24 – training on simulators
From April 27 to May 24 – conference room rental with free delivery equipment (projector, screen, audio system)
Every Wednesday – bar “Jumbo” (brandy, whiskey, wine, vodka, gin, rum, tequila, vermouth, liqueur, cocktails (“Mexican Green”, “Blue Lagoon”, “Margarita”, “Sex on the beach”, “Blue Hawaii “beer)
Every Thursday – Restaurant “Jumbo” – scars on Bojkivska with mushrooms, royal ear (trout, tote, salmon), grilled dishes: trout, carp, salmon, carp, quail, pike, baked potatoes on Ramrod; desserts, cake, maid, cat, apple strudel; beer snacks: smoked duck breast, pork tenderloin, dried, basturma beef, chips with pita bread, pumpkin seeds
8 and 22 May – leader among guests billiards
May 12 – primacy among the guests table tennis

And that’s not all – please review the “LOC Dianna” on sites turpravda.com, tripadvisor.com and get an additional discount of 5% bonus.
26.04 – 24.05 – Cosmetology Services – 5% (waxing, body cosmetology, cosmetology face karboksyterapiya, anti-stress massage, sports massage, chocolate massage, honey, aromomasazh)
* Discount can not be combined with other promotions or programs.

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