Подарочный сертификат

You do not know what to present your family and friends with?
A remarkable date is closing in and you still have no idea of what to present your loved ones with?It is difficult to make a guess at times.
One can always make a gift of “health” that can never be excessive. The felicity of improving health with underground springs of Skhodnitsa mineral waters, pure air of the Carpathians and picturesque suburbs.подарочный сертификат
Our gift certificate has been created for such occasions. Filling in is of your choosing.
You will get an opportunity of compiling the set of services, taking into consideration the tastes and preference of those who this surprise is meant for.
After paying a certain amount of money you will give to the certificate holder the possibility of using the hotel complex offer of residence, nourishment, medical and additional services. Such a present is suited for any festivity, whether it be wedding, jubilee or a remarkable date.

The rules of using the Gift Certificate
-The certificate expiry date is one year since the date of purchase indicated in it.
-The certificate is not subject to return or exchange for money equivalent stated.
-It is unacceptable using the certificate to pay for additional services of the therapeutic and sanitary hotel complex “DiAnna”.
-If the cost of services received is less than that stated in the certificate, difference in price between the face and the factual value is not subject to return.
-The certificate is valid, provided that medical services are purchased in the therapeutic and sanitary hotel complex “DiAnna” only.
-Services purchased by the Certificate produced are not subject to return. Residence date and time are permitted to be changed in accordance with the rules of the certificate applied.
-There are no purchase discounts available.
-In case it is impossible to verify the validity of the certificateprovided by you for exchange due to its being damaged or not being subject to identification – the Certificate will not be accepted in exchange for services.

By purchasing the Certificate you agree to the conditions of the instruction given.
To book the Gift Certificate contact us by phone: +380 (03248) 48038, +38 067 567 6822 or by using the following email address: admin-dianna@ukr.net
We will send the certificate purchased via the address indicated by you within the confines of Ukraine for free.

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