Keep the nature and get a bonus of DiAnna

Save nature and get a bonus for accommodation

Our hotel embodies numerous initiatives aimed at protecting the environment, creating a harmonious neighborhood with nature and rational use of its resources.
Therapeutic recreation complex Dianna is a wonderful place Carpathians, in a green area. With great pleasure we share the beauty of the region with our guests and encourage you to respect for nature.
Do a good deed and get bonuses from the hotel – an additional discount on accommodation at the rate of “full board” of 5% in the period from 10 May to 10 June 2016 and the services of a travel company “DiAnna Tour”!

To do this simple conditions:
1. Join the group LTC Dianna at https://www.facebook.com/groups/lokdianna/

2. Layknuty publication of share and share it on your page. (Your account should be in the public domain)

3. Connect to nature conservation (plant a tree, to minimize contamination of the environment of domestic and industrial waste, take care of rational use of resources as possible to use environmentally friendly modes of transport, etc.)

And do not forget that the bonus will only guests who fully complied with the conditions of participation.

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