В Сходнице пройдет Международный плэнер художников

From May 27 to June 7 Skhidnytsya, in the foothills of the Carpathians, will host an international plein air “Skhidnytsya 2014″ .
The artists will gather for the first time in a unique resort Skhidnicya, known for its medicinal waters. Plein Air will be held at the time of flowering, riot Carpathian nature to artists in vivo could reflect on the beauty of paintings of local landscapes. Skhidnytsya resort is perfect for a comprehensive treatment of many ailments with the use of unique mineral water for indoor and outdoor applications, of which there are up 38 ozocerite therapy, physical therapy, and special healing Carpathian air.
In the international festival will bring together 17 artists from Ukraine, Slovakia and Poland. Among them laureate T. Shevchenko Olhov VN , National artist of Ukraine Bokotey A., Hapyak I., Mohilevskyy K., Michka Z., Ivancho A., member of the National Union of Slovak artists V. Bronizhevskyy and other famous and colorful artists.
Live, eat and work, participants will be plein air medical complex “DiAnna “, located on S.Bandery 12.
Read the works of renowned artists will be on display at the permanent LOK “DiAnna ” June 8 , 2014.

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