The program has a purpose:
Treatment of chronic gastritis, chronic hepatitis, chronic pancreatitis, chronic enterocolitis, colitis, functional disorders of the stomach and intestines, complications after surgery of the digestive system.

Spa treatment

Procedures included in the price (according to doctor’s appointments):

  • aromabath – 5 procedures,
  • hydrotherapy – 3 procedures;
  • Treatment micro – 5 procedures,
  • Spiking microflora – 8 procedures;
  • Ozokeritotherapy – 5 procedures;
  • Exercise therapy – 10 procedures;
  • Oxygen cocktails – 10 procedures;
  • Diet therapy, climate;
  • Drug treatment of emergency conditions;
  • Drinking water treatment (mineral water);
  • Consultation: therapist support throughout the course.

Major therapeutic effects are expected:
recovery of motor function of the digestive system, reducing dyspeptic symptoms, improvement of gastric motility, reducing aggressiveness of gastric juice, the disappearance asthenoneurotic syndrome.

The price of services package 3620 UAH.