The program has a purpose:
Stress is the basis for neurotic disorders (neuroses), coronary heart disease, stroke, stomach ulcers, diabetes and other diseases.
Comprehensive program “Antistress” will resist stressful situations.

Spa treatment

Procedures included in the price (according to doctor’s appointments):

  • therapeutic baths – 6 treatments,
  • Underwater massage shower with color therapy – 8 procedures;
  • Massage hand total – 8 procedures;
  • Physiotherapy:

  • Laser Scanning – 8 procedures,
  • Aromatherapy – 10 procedures,
  • Exercise therapy – 8 procedures;
  • Terrenkur – 10 procedures;
  • Phyto – 8 procedures;
  • Diet therapy, climate;
  • Drug treatment of emergency conditions;
  • Drinking water treatment (mineral water).
  • Consultation: therapist support throughout the course.

Major therapeutic effects are expected:
improve sleep and well-being, the formation of positive psycho-emotional reactions and overcome negative emotions, reducing irritability and fatigue, improving the overall state of the organism, the normalization of mood, increase efficiency, stress, strengthen the immune system.

The price of services package 8040 UAH.