The program of cleaning the body has adapted to:
Comprehensive cleansing of the body, removing toxins, strengthen the immune system, including the mechanism of regeneration, as well as increased activity, performance and correction of body weight.

Spa treatment
Procedures included in the price (according to doctor’s appointments):

  • Carbonic acid bath dry – 5 procedures,
  • hydrotherapy – 3 procedures;
  • Exercise therapy – 10 procedures;
  • The classes at the gym – 5 procedures;
  • Terrenkur – 10 procedures;
  • Phyto – 8 procedures;
  • Bath drovah- to 4 hours;
  • Diet therapy, climate;
  • Drug treatment of emergency conditions;
  • Drinking water treatment (mineral water);
  • Advice therapist support throughout the course.

Major therapeutic effects are expected:
normalization of the liver and gall bladder, improve the function of the pancreas and bowel, weight loss.