Colonhydrotherapy – a popular procedure lately klizmoterapii modification. Intestinal lavage is performed on special equipment using a rather big number of running water or solutions – up to 20-60 liters per procedure. On the monitor, the doctor can monitor the whole process of the procedure.
Hydrotherapy method ( GPC ) based on complete colon cleansing with water, in which the colon repeatedly filled with water and emptied. The whole process is programmed: the water is supplied by a plastic tube, spreading throughout the colon, outputting the contents through a special tube . With all that limit the pressure generated in the intestinal tract, does not exceed one hundred millibars. This allows for 3-5 sessions with an interval of 1-3 days to conduct a thorough cleaning of the intestinal tract in a sparing mode for the patient.

Description of the procedure of colon hydrotherapy
As the wash water can be used specially prepared , a red laser beam structured water, saline, medicinal herbs , formulations promote restoration of intestinal microflora friendly.
Pre- laundering procedures for each stool, mucus and stones used structured water. The frequency of the pulsed laser radiation , in cases 2.4 Hz, which makes the harmonizing effect on the organism.
Fractional introduction of medical solution comes from the second or third fill the intestinal tract.
When hydrotherapy happening filling and emptying the bowel special rectal complex. The washing liquid during the procedure rises high in the colon , unlike enemas. Depending on the procedure , water is passed several times , and its volume becomes 20 to 60 liters. Despite a rather big amount of water passing through the intestinal tract during the procedure , patients , in most cases do not experience pain or discomfort as tirelessly performed automatically control temperature and pressure characteristics of the feed solution.
Check with the doctor off hydrodynamic shocks during the procedure and sudden changes in temperature. Visual observation unit rate of intestinal form of emissions and their efficiency, and control the volume of solution being counter engine capacity of the liquid medium.

Effect of hydrotherapy
When flushing the colon increases highly functional activity of the large intestine , reduces inflammatory manifestations , washed fecal stones, mucus, intestinal parasites and pathogenic microflora colony, providing favorable impact on other digestive organs (liver, biliary tract, pancreas), normal intestinal microflora. Hydrocolonotherapy procedure improves overall health, improve efficiency, a sense of ease and normalize the functions of internal organs, not only of the digestive system, but also of the pelvic organs, there is an effect of the “flat stomach” and weight loss, as well as improving the color and condition of the skin.

Hydrotherapy is contraindicated in all acute and chronic diseases in the acute stage , renal and liver failure , anemia , postoperative periods (up to 6 months), the anterior abdominal wall hernias, gall stones, intestinal bleeding, acute hemorrhoids, chronic paraproctitis, intestinal polyposis, malignant tumors of the abdomen and pelvic organs, in any stage of pregnancy or menstruation, etc.
The number of procedures and duration of hydrotherapy, each patient is required for recovery, and individually assigned by experienced physicians in the treatment complex “DiAnna “.

Using colon hydrotherapy is constipation and encopresis healing has no scientific explanation and refers to alternative medicine . Frequent use of hydrotherapy leads to the emergence depending on enemas and will be able to decrease the impact of the return of pharmaceuticals.