Medical center “Dianna-Med” covers all hardware physiotherapy. This electro to improve blood circulation and lazero-, and magnetic and ultrasound therapy.

Amplipulse – procedure for electrical problem areas of the body of the patient. It uses sinusoidal modulated currents (SInMT). Amplipulse provides a soothing effect, is used in neuritis, neuralgia, nerve injuries peryferylichnyh and musculoskeletal system, circulatory disorders, muscle atrophy, removal of stones in small, ureters with urolithiasis.

Galvanizing – procedure using continuous direct electric current. Galvanization stimulates regulatory function of the nervous and endocrine systems helps to normalize the secretory and motor functions of the digestive system and increases its resistance to external influences. Galvanizing has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, sedative, vasodilator, relaxing effect.

Diadynamic therapy – physiotherapy using electric current frequency of 50 – 100 Hz. Diadynamic therapy used for pain syndromes, trauma, hypertension, asthma, diseases of joints and spine, radiculitis, neuritis, simpatalhiyah, migraine, epilepsy, spinal cord injuries.

Darsonvalization – physiotherapy, in which the impact on patient body pulsed flow of high frequency (130 kHz), high voltage (20-40 kV) and low power. Darsonvalization used for the treatment of a superficial tissues and mucous membranes and hair.

Electrical stimulation – physiotherapy, in which the pulse currents affecting the muscles and nerves to strengthen and rehabilitation.

TENS (Transcutaneous electroneurostimulation) – procedure to stimulate the nervous system weak electric signal. With TENS weak electrical impulses stimulate nerve endings and pain decreases.

Electrophoresis – physiotherapy, in which the body is injected drugs using DC. With the passage of current drugs penetrate the skin and slowly entering the body. Electrophoresis title = tovuyut the use in the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular, oncological diseases, tuberculosis, cosmetology.

Laser scanning – a procedure in which a laser is used as the required area. Apply for stimulation of immunity, regeneration and analgesic effect for activation of endocrine organs. The radiation does not exceed the level of solar radiation.

Magnetic – procedure for treatment of magnetic fields. This is not magnetized body tissues. Used to treat cardiovascular, chronic adnexitis, urethritis, obesity, cystitis, prostatitis, respiratory, gastro-intestinal tract (gastritis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, peptic ulcer disease), with arthrosis, arthritis, osteochondrosis, otitis, psoriasis, alcoholism, substance abuse.

Ultrasound therapy – treatment using high frequency sound waves from 22 to 3 thousand. Hertz. Ultrasound produces human organs physico-chemical, mechanical and thermal little impact. Indications for use are low back pain, diseases and injuries of the peripheral nervous system, neuropathy, diseases of the bronchi and lungs, chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, chronic cholecystitis, diseases of the skin.

Phonophoresis – physiotherapy, based on the effect of ultrasound waves at a frequency of cloth over 16kHts and drugs. In phonophoresis increases blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, inflammatory processes and tissue regeneration. Phonophoresis used to treat cellulite, fat metabolism disorders, treatment of scars and stretch marks, poor circulation and lymph flow.

Quartz Tube – procedure using ultraviolet radiation, which ranges from 180 nm – 400 nm. UV radiation is necessary for normal functioning of the human body. Recommend use in the treatment of symptoms such as eczema, boils, acute dermatitis, otitis, rhinitis and pharyngitis.

Hydro irrigation ash consists of laser therapy and massage gums. The therapeutic effect occurs when red laser emission range in mechanical leaching water lipopolisaharydnoyi film. As a result, reduces inflammation and improves blood flow to the gums.

Pressure therapy – – a procedure for correcting body based on principles of lymphatic drainage. This is one of the most effective methods to combat cellulite and subcutaneous fat deposits. The procedure is designed to increase circulation and lymph flow, which improves clearance of interstitial fluid, reduces swelling and inflammation, fatigue feet and improves the flow of oxygen throughout the body and leads to a smoothing of the skin.

Mat of Turmaniy designed for simple and effective prevention of a wide range of diseases and to improve circulation and rapid recovery from illness.

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