Rafting along the river Striy

Trail length 20 km. Length alloy 3.5 hour. during the period: 10:00-13:30, 15:00-18:30
Complexity alloy evaluated as 1 category.

RaftingRafting out with Urich in a. Upper Sinevidnoe – a good mix of grandeur, extraordinary feeling of conquering the water element.

Rafting starts with a tour of the fortress defensive structures Tustan where you will plunge into the whirlpool of interesting historical events, myths and legends.
Rafting starts with. Podgorodtsy where you get the equipment and instruction. Filling out an application, receiving individual water equipment, you can start alloy.
The route is not complicated, so the special physical preparation is required. All sills, Shiver and showers are spectacular, but completely safe. Also, the beauty of the surrounding nature will make permanent transfer breath.

Accessories for a one-day rafting with rapids:
Shoes – shoes, old sneakers, sandals with a heel that you soak. It is forbidden to take the slippers – alloy becomes a quest to find the lost shoes.
рафтингLightweight pants (preferably a thin synthetic);
Light T-shirt with long sleeves;
Panama (blazer);
In case of rain – a waterproof jacket (available for free);
Dry towel – in the car maintenance;
Dry set of clothes;
Thermos of tea;
Identity documents.

Shuttle service is included. The price does not include meals.
Price for rafting is 475 UAH per person