ДиАнна гарантирует!

In Ukraine, the time for change is somewhat tense political situation in Crimea. But this does not affect your holiday in our resort Skhidnytsya – the preferred resort. Our “NAFTA” It tastes the same or even better.

We will be glad to see in this resort and Ukrainian citizens of any other country or nationality – from the East or the West. Resort Skhidnytsya – for one and all ! Ukraine only !

Your safe stay at the resort , we guarantee – now all the guests LOK ” Deanna ” is insured against accidents.

Spring has already announced its rights to the full , more pleasing warmth of the sun. We can also give you the warmth of our hearts, but we can not assure you that wellness vacation is not hopelessly spoiled by bad weather. We care about their guests and provide a refund of the permit, if for a week vacation at least three days it rained *. Compensation for vacation spoiled by rain will reach 20 % of the vouchers.

We invite you to visit LOK ” Deanna ” in the period from 12.03 to 15.04 with a discount , which is 20% lower than the baseline

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